Progression Days

Monday, april 20 2020 – Sunday, april 26 2020

It’s all about passion & progression! Whilst the onset of spring inevitably melts away other snowparks, Corvatsch is still going strong! Due to the high-altitude and the north-facing exposition, Corvatsch offers a park set- up bound to make your freestyle heart go wild. During the Progression days, the hard-working park shapers do their utmost to ensure that pros, rookies and weekend warriors all find their perfect training terrain.

Progression Days – What are they about?

Regardless if you are a pro or a rookie, it's all about shredding and having fun with friends and like-minded riders. The Corvatsch Park subscribes to this fundamental idea by ensuring that an appropriate line for every rider's level is freshly shaped and prepared every day. It is with a lot of hard work and love and passion for what they do, that the 7-person shaper crew constructs the multi-difficulty park setup to ensure every rider has the best possible training terrain. Pack a bunch of passion and motivation into your board bag and your repertoire of tricks will grow significantly and quickly while riding at Corvatsch Park.

Opening Times Corvatsch Park
Daily from 09.00 am to 4.00 pm

Park Overview & Set-up
Find an overview of the Corvatsch Park and the set-up

The Corvatsch Park is open to everyone without restriction. All you need is a valid ski pass.
A new ski pass pricing model has been introduced this winter in the Upper Engadin - the Snow Deal.

Public Photo Shooting

On the 20th of April, a public photo shooting will take place in the Corvatsch Park.
The photographers will be in the park taking action photos of all riders. Just look for the action photo beach flags and ask for your own personal action shots. The pictures can be downloaded after the public photo shootings at for free.