Cancelled: Engadin Snow Golf Cup

Saturday, january 30 2021 – Sunday, january 31 2021

The Engadin Snow Golf Cup in Silvaplana is a unique experience for all golf fans: from 30 to 31 January 2021, on a field in Surlej specially prepared for the weekend, golfers will not play on greens and with white balls, but on "whites" with coloured balls. Players can look forward to a course of 9 holes, each about 95 to 225 metres long. Catering and something to warm up will be provided along the golf course.

Tournament Information

CHF 45.- per player and day.

Number of participants
A total amount of 80 participants is allowed per tournament day.

Game form
Non handicap dependant competition, 4 person flights, interval starting every 10 min.

Tournament approval
Open tournament, all members of national and international golf clubs. From golf pro to pr.


Game mode: Single, 9-hole stroke play. After a maximum of 8 shots per hole, the player must retrieve the ball and note his result.
The rules of R&A are valid, as well as all the recognised rules of the ASG.
All golf clubs according to the regulative of the R & A are allowed.
Winter Rules (preferred lies) can be applied all over.
Teeing up is allowed anywhere on the fairway, with the exception of the greens.
A ball that comes to lie outside of the fairway, (not in the groomed area) does not need to be retrieved. The player may not tee up - taking a penalty shot into account - closer to the flag and level with the entrance point to the groomed area on the fairway. The ball not may be teed up either in the non groomed area nor may the terrain or the ball be touched or changed in any way. (Rules as in the red penalty area).
Women and men play from the same tees.
The snow surface on the green (white) may only be prepared with the puller provided. Any disregard of this rule will lead to disqualification.
Please take into account any “local Rules”, posted by game management.
THe official club handicaps from PRO - PR apply, they will be deducted by half (a quarter to 9 holes).
Golf shoes with spikes are not allowed.


Tournament days