Cancelled: Chalandamarz parade

Wednesday, april 01 2020 – Wednesday, april 01 2020

On March 1st, winter is at its peak: at Chalandamarz, schoolchildren parade through Silvaplana, Surlej and Champfèr in traditional costume, singing and wearing plumpas (cowbells) to drive away the cold season. Afterwards, the municipality invites all guests, locals and guests alike to the traditional Chalandamarz aperitif at 10 am on the Plazza dal Güglia. Find the detailed programme below.

Chalandamarz parade

Silvaplana – Surlej

8.30 am

Start of the parade at the valley station Corvatsch in the direction of Via dal Corvatsch - Via da l'Alp - Plazza dal Bügl - Via da Surlej

9.30 am

Volg Silvaplana – Via Munterots – K+M Haustechnik – Mandra – Police department

10 am

Chalandamarz aperitif for guests, locals and second locals on the Plazza dal Güglia

10.30 am

Marenda for the children on the Plazza dal Güglia. Plazza dal Mastrel - Gemeinde - Plazza da la Staila - Via Veglia - Bügliet

12 am

School Silvaplana - Plazza da scoula - cortile della scuola

Champfèr – Suvretta

3 pm

Hof Willy Traunter - Ovas - Butia Pitschna - Chesa Gian-Reto - Chesa Engiadina - Chesa Miralej

3.50 pm

Giardino Mountain

4.30 pm

Hotel Europa

5 pm

Suvretta House

Chalandamarz aperitif

On Sunday, March 1, at 10 a.m., the municipality of Silvaplana cordially invites all guests, locals and second nationals to the traditional Chalandamarz aperitif in the Plazza dal Güglia.