Weather-proof ideas for Silvaplana

Gloomy weather or no wind in Silvaplana? Great, then you finally have time for all the weather-proof suggestions we have. We ensure you won’t be bored.

Even when your holiday weather conditions are not ideal, there are a ton of possibilities to keep yourself busy and happy. You won’t even need rubber boots or a rain jacket. Find some of our weather proof suggestions below.

Copyright: Restorant Pizzeria Mulets

Try out a typical local recipe

Have you ever tried to make your own Pizzoccheri, Capuns or an Engadin nut tart? No? Then head out to the supermarket, put on your chef's apron and let’s get started! We put together some recipes for you.

· Pizzoccheri recipe «a delicacy made out of buckwheat noodles, potatoes and cheese»
· Pizzocheri with bacon «the hearty variation»
· Veggie Pizzoccheri «the light variation»
· Pizzoccheri gratin «the oven variation»
· Capuns « filled Swiss chard leaves»
· Plain in Pigna «fried potato from the oven»
· Tatsch «pancakes»
· Bündner nut tart «the classic dessert»

Enjoy your meal – En Guete - Bun Apetit!

Relax in the hot tub

We all need to pamper ourselves once in a while. For example with a wellness day. There are more than enough spa complexes, wellness areas and beauty salons available in and around Silvaplana.
Take advantage of the bad weather and treat yourself to one of the following wellness offers.

· Hotel Albana in Silvaplana
· Nira Alpina in Surlej
· Hotel Giardino Mountain in Champfèr

Enjoy pure relaxation!

Browse through the library

When was the last time you visited a proper library or stuck your nose in a book? If it’s been a while and you would like an exciting book for your holiday, this is our suggestion: the library in Silsis one of the nicest in Graubünden and accessible by Engadin Busin only a few minutes from Silvaplana.

Enjoy reading!

Cozy coffee breaks

Do you want to cuddle up with a delicious latte macchiato or cappuccino along with a homemade piece of cake? Kerstin's Nähatelier und Café is the perfect place in Silvaplana. You will also find handmade products or the perfect gift, from beautiful accessories to leather hand bags.

Enjoy your coffee!

Copyright: Giardino Mountain

Relax and unwind

Pure enjoyment - also defines Silvaplana. A rainy, cold day is perfect for trying out the different wellness offers, pepping up your hairstyle, breathing deep at a Yoga lesson or indulging in a hearty meal with your loved one.
Browse through our Wellness and Relaxation offers for your personal feel good day in Silvaplana.

Enjoy relaxation!