Starting from mid May until mid October, winds from 3 to 6 beaufort lure windsurfers and action lovers to Lake Silvaplana. Silvaplana offers everything any water sport enthusiast desires: Windsurf courses for adults and children, for beginners or experienced alike, a large array of test and rental equipment as well as a windsurf shop. You can always count on the professional guidance of Sarah Missiaen and her team, they are all passionate windsurfers and can show you the ropes of their favourite sport and what you need to windsurf in Silvaplana.

Learn how to windsurf 

Windsurfing Silvaplana offers windsurf courses for beginners and experienced. From 7 years on, learn how to glide along with a board and sail. The instructors, will show you how to master a water start and help improve your newly acquired skills.

For questions or registration contact Windsurfing Silvaplana at or +41 81 828 93 64.

© Fabian Gattlen
© Fabian Gattlen

Test, rent or buy windsurf equipment 

Windsurfing Silvaplana, as the importer for the brand Point-7, is your competent partner. Beginners and experienced windsurfers alike will find fitting equipment to buy or rent - either new or second-hand - at the windsurf shop

 Would you like to try out the newest windsurf equipment? Windsurfing Silvaplana has testevents on a regular basis offering the most recent boards, rigs and stand up paddles from various brands.

Wing Foiling

Well, which one of you windsurfers has tried this? This exciting construction with a wing without lines and without a fixed connection to the board is called "Wing Surfer" and offers die-hard water sports fans a whole new surfing experience. Want to try out wing surfing? Book your wing course now.

© Fabian Gattlen

Stand Up Paddling & Canoeing 

SUP is the ideal warm-up for your windsurf session: while paddling, your back, shoulders and arms get a great workout and you can also train your balance. You can rent SUP Equipment at Windsurfing Silvaplana and book SUP & Yoga courses, SUP tours and also XXL-SUPs. The canoe is great for an easy paddle out on Lake Silvaplana. Seating up to 3, it’s the perfect family activity.


Experience Silvaplana

Silvaplana is located in the heart of the Upper Engadine lake landscape, surrounded by impressive three-thousand-meter peaks such as the local mountain Corvatsch with the highest panorama restaurant at 3303 m above sea level.


Starting from the end of May to the beginning of October, the southwest thermal wind kicks in from the afternoon on, luring all action and water sport enthusiasts onto the water. Find all you need for your kite session on Lake Silvaplana at Swiss Kitesurf: Kitesurf courses for adults and children, beginners and experienced, group, semi-private or private lessons, a large selection of test and rental equipment as well as the largest Swiss kitesurf shop. You can always count on the professional guidance of Yannick Galbinec and his team, they are all passionate kitesurfers and can show you the tips and tricks of their favourite sport and what you need to kitesurf in Silvaplana.