Routes to the viewpoints

There are different hikes leading to the viewpoints of Silvaplana Explorer. Here you can find our recommended routes:  

Route hellgrün

Silvaplana - Fratta - Ova dal Sagl - Crap Alv - Crest'Alta - Tschüchas

4h50 | 15.9 km

Route orange

Silvaplana - Ova dal Sagl - Corvatsch Murtèl - Hahnensee - Silvaplana

6h50 | 20.3 km

Route dunkelgrün

Silvaplana - Crest'Alta - Crap Alv - Ova dal Sagl - Silvaplana

2h30 | 8.2 km

Route türkis

Talstation Corvatschbahn - Murtèl - Surlej

4h30 | 13.7 km (oder
Berg- / Talfahrt mit der Bahn)

Route rot

Silvaplana - Crest'Alta - Silvaplana

1h25 | 5 km

Route dunkelblau

Silvaplana - Tschüchas - Silvaplana

0h45 | 2.3 km

Hiking map Silvaplana Explorer 

"Silvaplana Explorer" is Romansh and means "Discover Silvaplana". The hiking map leads to the six viewpoints on the municipality's territory and offers an insight into the history of Silvaplana. Different routes are marked on the map, which lead to the viewpoints. The routes can be downloaded here.

"Discover Silvaplana with Niculin"

The coloring book for children includes family tips, an overview map of family activities, pictures to color and a contest. Taking part in the competition is easy: scan the QR code at each viewpoint and collect the solution letters. At the end, a small surprise awaits everyone who has found the solution word in the i-Lounge 3303.

Scan the QR code at the viewpoints

At each viewpoint, the QR code can be scanned using the smartphone camera. This will take you to the radio play of Niculin's adventure, the solution letter of the contest and exciting facts about the respective viewpoint.

The viewpoints at a glance 

The six viewpoints are located at the most beautiful places in Silvaplana. Learn something about the viewpoints and find the exact location here.


After the Septimer Pass, the Julier Pass became the most important north-south crossing for the Romans. Already Emperor Augustus walked here through the Fratta forest to the Po Valley in Italy. Witnesses of time - like the furrows of the cart wheels - can still be found here today! Here is the viewpoint.

© Fabian Gattlen
© Fabian Gattlen

Ova dal Sagl

Did you know that a flood in 1793 partially destroyed Surlej? Therefore, in 1873, an 80 m long rock tunnel with a diameter of 3 m was built to lead the stream Ova da Surlej through an artificial tunnel to the waterfall. The waterfall is also called "Ova dal Tunnel" (which means water of the tunnel) or "Ova da Surlej" (which means water of Surlej). Here is the viewpoint.


After only two years of construction, the first section of the Corvatsch aerial ropeway was opened in March 1963, followed by the second section in December. At last, the sports mountain was accessible! In the run-up, six attempts failed. Today, about 1200 people per hour can be transported up the mountain. Here is the lookout point.

© Fabian Gattlen
© Fabian Gattlen

Crap Alv

The first spring catchment for the village well of Surlej was built here in 1908. 21 years later the reservoir "Crap Alv" was built with 150 m3 capacity. Today the water reservoir of Surlej has a total capacity of 500 m3. 400 m3 of which is drinking water and 100 m3 is fire water. "Crap Alv" means "white stone", because here you can find light colored rocks. Here is the lookout point.


Until 1964 there was a nice restaurant with a panoramic terrace. Built in 1888, the restaurant was leased out several times. However, there was no running water, so everything had to be laboriously carried up or lined along the forest path. When a part collapsed, the building had to be demolished. Crest'Alta means "high ridge". Here is the viewpoint.

© Fabian Gattlen
© Fabian Gattlen


Already in the 4th century the Romans traveled over the Julier Pass. For them this was one of the most important connections. However, Silvaplana was only mentioned in a document in 1288, Champfèr in 1139. Here is the lookout point.