Hiking in the Upper Engadin

The footpath network around Silvaplana is truly unique. Circuit hikes can be combined, shortened or prolonged according to your preference. You choose how high up you would like to venture. Our Silvaplana Explorer Map leads you along circuit hikes to the most scenic look out points in Silvaplana.

The hiking path network of the Engadin encompasses approximately 500 kilometers of marked trails leading you along lakes, following the famous “Via Engiadina” or heading off into one of the side valleys. A wealth of flora and fauna and the diversity of springtime in the mountains make Silvaplana and the local mountain Corvatsch a popular hiking destination. There is something for everyone: the more ambitious can take the challenging routes up to the Piz Surlej or Piz Julier, whereas families follow the “Marmottins” trail leading to the most beautiful viewpoints around Silvaplana. For more hiking suggestions - keep reading here…

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Silvaplana Explorer

The “Silvaplana Explorer Map” caters to families showing fantastic circuit hikes to some of the most breathtaking places in Silvaplana: Fratta, Ova dal Sagl, Murtèl, Crap Alv, Crest'Alta und Tschüchas.
Download the Silvaplana Explorer Map here or pick it up at the tourist information at i-lounge 3303, Via dal Farrer 2.

Immerse yourself in the fabulous adventures of Niculin.
To get access to Niculin’s story, just scan the QR code on the information board at every viewpoint. A marmot belonging to a former marmot colony in Silvaplana narrates how he woke up all alone from hibernation and has his mind set on finding his way back to the colony.

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Family Trails

Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the gorgeous Upper Engadin lake landscape while walking along the easy trail from the Murtèl middle station on Corvatsch to the Furtschellas middle station.

Highlight: the quaint and well cared for children’s zoo next to the mountain restaurant La Chüdera. Parents can relax in the lounge chairs on the sun terrace while the little ones have fun in the small petting zoo or on the playground. A great family outing.

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Hikes along the lakes

The numerous mountain lakes are a trademark of the Upper Engadin making a hike alongside them a must.

· Wasserweg Circuit hike to the 6 pristine and crystal clear mountain lakes at Furtschellas
· Lej da la Tscheppa From Silvaplana to the sparkly lake at 2'600 meters above sea level
· Hahnensee Beautiful views to Lej dals Chöds and Lej Marsch

Would you like to discover more hiking trails? The interactive hiking map displays the entire trail network of the Upper Engadin.

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Panoramic Views

These trails are a must. Starting from the Murtèl middle station on Corvatsch, along the lake plateau to Prugnieu, crossing Alp Prasüra and down to Sils,the Panoramic Trail above Lake Silvaplana is one of the most stunning in the Upper Engadin.

Find the detailed hiking trail map and all the important coordinates. Extend the tour and visit the Fextal or rest your tired legs and hop on a bus back to Silvaplana.

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Alpine Hikes

Are you accustomed to the mountains, are sure-footed and would like to discover some of the 3000 meter high peaks around Silvaplana? We have a few suggestions.

· Piz Julier at 3'379 meters
· Piz Surlej at 3'188 meters
· Piz Albana at 3'100 meters
· Piz Polaschin at 3'013 meters

For more information about hikes and climbs around Silvaplana, contact the Bergsteigerschule at +41 81 842 82 82 or

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Corvatsch Cable Car

Do you want to skip the steep ascent to the Murtèl middle station or to go easy on your knees on the way back down? Get an Engadin Hiking Passincl. ascent and descent during the summer months. Find the summer timetable here.

Our suggestion A walk from Murtèl over to Fuorcla Surlej: surely one of the most stunning spots in the Engadin including a fantastic view of the grand Bernina mountain range. For those who haven’t had enough; extend your hike to Val Roseg and back via Pontresina.

Mountain restaurants, Huts and Hotels

Enjoy a tasty regional platter, full of local delicacies or spend the night in a cozy alpine hut. Find great eateries and accommodation for your hiking holiday in Silvaplana.