Mountaineering & Climbing in Silvaplana

There is alot to see and do for mountaineers around Silvaplana. Numerous alpine tours starting from the Julier Pass, such as the spectacular and challenging routes to the Piz Güglia, Piz Polaschin or Piz Albana offer diversity and a great experience.

Experienced mountaineers appreciate the peaks and the stunning alpine tours in and around Silvaplana. The impressive panorama of the 3’000 meter peaks is breathtaking. Sports climbers can test their skills on the numerous rock walls offering a huge variety of routes at all levels of difficulty. For those with little or no climbing experience, the Via Ferrata “La Resgia” near Pontresina is a great introduction.

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Alpine tours around Silvaplana

Are you an experienced climber and spend a lot of time in the mountains? Then you will fall in love with Silvaplana. A variety of beautiful alpine tours to the surrounding 3’000 meter peaks such as via the Lej de la Tscheppa to the Piz Polaschin start from Silvaplana.

The challenging and classic mountain hike to the Piz Julier at level T4 stands out with a breathtaking view of the peaks. The nearby Piz Albana is also an enjoyable mountain hike sporting T4 to T5 levels of difficulty.

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Climbing routes in Silvaplana

The mountains around Silvaplana are ideal climbing terrain. Find suggestions, guided tours, training courses, climbing equipment and further information at the Pontresina Mountaineering School Pontresina and at Go Vertical.

A proper warm-up before climbing is crucial. Find a few useful exercises to strengthen your fingers and train your body tension here.

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Safety in the mountains

Find a few useful links about proper behaviour and equipment for your alpine tour or hike in the mountains here.

· What to pack: Equipped for your alpine tour.
· Become acclimatized: Get used to the altitude.
· Check the weather: Anticipate changes in the weather.
· Plan your tour: Keep your bearings.
· Rules of conduct on the mountain: How to behave correctly.
· No solo efforts: Always inform about location and planned time of return.

Mountain restaurants, Alpine huts und Hotels

Are you looking for accommodation and a starting point for your tour or a restaurant? Find suitable deals for your alpine tour in the Silvaplana area.