When magical mountain worlds make hearts beat faster

Majestic, fascinating and imposing - this is our beloved mountain world. The many three-thousand-meter peaks that surround the Upper Engadine are a true paradise. Being out and about in the mountains means taking time out from everyday life and creating unforgettable memories. Here is a little insight into the fascination of the mountain world.

Alpine hike on the Piz Julier
One of the most spectacular mountains around Silvaplana is the Piz Julier. The 3,380-meter-high mountain is a true classic and impresses with a dreamlike summit panorama. But watch out, the demanding alpine hike is quite demanding.

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Orienteering on the Corvatsch
Out and about in nature with a compass and map - 15 orienteering posts are waiting to be completed around the Murtèl middle station. In addition to a sense of direction, stamina is also required, because the post network is located at over 2000 meters above sea level.

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Mountain lakes
The Upper Engadine is beautifully adorned with mountain lakes. The Hahnensee, Lej Marsch and Lej Nair are probably known to everyone. The Lej da la Tscheppa and Lej Lagrev are insider tips that can be discovered on a beautiful hike.

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A piece of Silvaplana for you

When you spend your vacations in a place, memories are created. There is a bond with the place one calls home. Friendships are cultivated and stories are shared. In the store you are sure to find a piece of Silvaplana that will remind you of your experiences.

Experience Silvaplana

Silvaplana is located in the heart of the Upper Engadine lake landscape, surrounded by impressive three-thousand-meter peaks such as the local mountain Corvatsch with the highest panorama restaurant at 3303 m above sea level.